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Intentional Change

My design philosophy is simple.  Your space has the power to change the way you live. 

From decluttering + re-styling to a full room re-design, I'm here to solve your design problems and come up with sustainable + intentional solutions to help you lead a better life.  


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Home: Gallery

Client Testimonials

Nathan B.

Bonnie's eye is unmatched. Her understanding of what makes spaces special, combined with an ability to blend form and function are incredible skills that helped transform our project in a way that only an experienced professional could!

Margie K.

We didn't always have a clear vision, nor clear budget, nor clear timeline, and Bonnie took all of that with grace and understanding and still left us with great options, in a budget range, so we are ready to tackle the project when we're ready!

Karyn C.

I love that Bonnie is able to see what a space needs. We have worked on two projects and both times she was able to suggest design changes that I hadn't thought of. I really appreciate her fresh eyes and excellent options for sourcing!

Meet Bonnie

Bonnie Kaye Whitfield is a former textile designer and printmaker turned Interior Designer. After years of making luxury home textiles and sourcing vintage pieces to style with them, she began diving towards the bigger picture at hand -- our spaces as a whole. From how we use our homes to the treasures + memories they hold inside, Bonnie is fascinated with our environments and the grand impact they possess.


It All Starts At Home

Bonnie Kaye Studio will collaborate with you on a space that fits your style, your functional needs, + your budget.  The process is accessible + fun, resulting in a cohesive look + feel that is layered + personalized.  Bonnie is here to get you started and to see the project through.

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